After two months of waiting, i FINALLY got my guitar back from the shop, all wired up and sounding better than ever. I moved from a pair of EMG 707tws to a Dimarzio Crunchlab 7/Liquifire 7 setup.
REVIEW: These pickups do every so much better than the old EMG's. They have just enough output to breakup the amp at high volumes, but rolling off the volume slightly cleans them right up. I had mine wired so that i could choose which coil would be tapped with a three way on-on-on switch. With the bridgeward coil of the Crunchlab(bridge) activated, it becomes a singing strat. With the neckwardcoil of the bridge pup activated, it becomes more of a mellowed out Tele. All in all, I am very pleased with this setup and would recommend it to anybody would listen to me.
Sorry for the horrible photography... Black is a hard color to shoot.

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