Hey guys, just installed a couple new pickups and I'm having a weird issue... was hoping someone could give me a hand.

I just got everything back together and was testing all the settings out, and I noticed a buzz through the amp. Whats weird is, it goes away if I mute the high E string. Actual notes on the high E string dont make it buzz, though I think the B string is doing it too, to a lesser degree. I'm pretty sure everything is soldered in there fine... maybe its the extra cable from the pickup that is coiled up behind the pickup in the cavity? (the triple shot thing requires that you hook the pickup directly to the mounting ring, and I didn't really want to cut the cable). It happens with both pickups (both have cable coiled behind), and neither seems worse than the other.

Its weird, because everything seems to work fine, and sounds much better than the stock pickups I replaced.

I doubt it matters, but:
Guitar is a PRS SE custom 22
amp is a Vypyr 30

If I have to take the pickups out, cut the extra cable, and re-solder I guess its not the end of the world, but before I did that I figured I'd ask here and see if anybody had similar experiences. The muting the strings thing making it go away seems odd to me and I thought somebody might have an idea why that is...

It actually doesn't hum if its just sitting there, but when you pluck a string it'll start humming. I noticed its not just the E string, if I touch one of the tuners it'll go away as well. I imagine its a grounding problem somewhere (I think... right?)... I'll have to take it apart later and check it out.
I got it... I had a feeling I might have known what it was, so I pulled the back cover this AM. My soldering iron's tip was pretty corroded and I was having issues getting enough heat on the hardest to reach spot on the pickup switch. Changed the tip this morning and re-did it and everything works great. Unfortunately now its time for work.