Time to dig for treasure

Oh what do we have here?

A nice silverface Vibro Champ. This little guy is a monster. I'm not one for tremolo, but it's fun to mess around with. I know many people think that these amps are all hype. I know this because I used to feel the same way. I mean, how good can a basic student amp from the 1970s rated at 6W really sound? Well the simple truth is these little guys are tone monsters. Of course, you have to like Fender amps and you have to understand that these will now be powering your next club or arena gig. But it will be great for a coffee house gig or better yet, your own enjoyment at home in in your home studio. The amp itself has three sweet spots in my opinion. The first is at 4 on the volume dial where you get just at the edge of breakup tone with single notes sounding like a piano note tone. Then at 7 you get nice edgy low gain breakup with a bit of speaker breakup thrown in and you are in early Led Zeppelin land without splitting your eardrums. Finally at 10 this little amp is giving you all it has and it is fabulous - rich in harmonics and overtones.

Also for the record, i'm thinking of doing 2 mods. 1 would be a basic speaker swap for which I will start researching. The second is I want to take it to my favorite boston amp tech to give me a push-pull on the volume knob to bypass the tonestack. I heard him do this to a silverface princeton reverb and it wounded sexy with a Les Paul.
Very nice mate. What year is she?
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HNAD! I like SF fenders.
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Very nice mate. What year is she?

The guy I bought it from claims its a '72. I don't put much stock into the year. I played the thing and I LOVE how it sounds, that's what matters most to me.
looks great!

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HNAD, mate!

I'd love one of those, but I don't see many pop up very often!

They're all over ebay and they're great for practice or recording
Ha, sweet! I love the Vibro Champs.

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Yeah, but not in Australia. And postage from the States is a bitch.

oh. sorry m8
Update on this. I played ALOT with this amp last night and I found some more awesome sounds. My favorite cleans so far are when i turn the amp all the way up and put my guitar's volume at around 3-5. Also, I messed around with my fulltone OCD and this amp. So far, it sounds a little muddy unless I crank the amp and then turn on the OCD and that's when it sounds nice.
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congrats! old silverfaced champs don't get enough love.

I never understood why. They are still handwired and sound amazing although different from tweed champs. I actually prefer this one over the old tweed amps. And since you can get one of these for the same price as the fender pro junior I would recommend this to everyone who needs a recording or practice tube amp.
and they make great rock amps as well. you can eek a layla tone of out it pretty easily.

i had a 78 champ, i ended up giving it to my cousin, but it's a great amp. now i have a nice amp to play when i visit him and steal his 1960 strat.