Greetings GG&Ar's.
While at band practice today, my drummer offered me his RP90 for $50. I've been in the market for an EQ, Noise Gate, Tuner, and Delay pedal for quite some time now, and figured it was worth it. Having one before, I know that the distortion isn't the greatest on it, but that's not my concern because I have my Metal Muff and I'm only using the EQ, Tuner, Noise Gate, Delay, and Reverb on it and maybe a few other things.
Enough talk, it's time for pics (sorry for the crappy quality...cell phones don't take great pics.

The Pedal

On my board

Side shot of board

Wit the addition of this, my chain goes Guitar > Wah > Boss SD-1(with the c6 yanked out) > Pocket Metal Muff > RP90 > First Act Chorus

While the EQ only offers Bass, Mids, and Treble, it does what I need it to. Tightens up my sound and adds Mids to help me cut through better.
The noise gate works ok, drastically reduces the hum.
The tuner, while not the best tuner, works fine for me.
The delay and reverb are tons better than my Spider's, as would be expected.
The distortion on it, as I already knew, isn't the greatest, but I'm not worried with that.

All in all, for what I need it for, it works fine.