Do you know any good songs for my beginer band to play? We have two guitarists, and we like hard rock and metal
I really enjoy jamming party in the usa.
Nothing like getting band members in a great groove with some great music.
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lol i was going to make this exact same thread. im in a similar situation. one song i came up with was walk by pantera, as i can play the solo with ease, and the rest of the song is simple (my band kinda sucks except for the bassist). if u can pull off the solo its one of the simplest yet most iconic metal songs i cant think of.
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Two Minutes to Midnight - Iron Maiden
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ZZ Top? Their riffs are pretty fun and simple, and their solos are great for jamming.
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Anything by Nirvana, some RATM stuff (like Bombtrack, Killing in the Name, etc.) and Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen just came to mind. (Your'e gonna have to be more specific about your tastes and skill)
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Enter Sandman maybe, if you are into something metal, good song to start with.

Though a great song just to get a groove going, and have everyone playing together would be Hey Joe. Just start with the chords, and switch off improvising a solo.
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play some deep purple?? who doesnt love deep purple

Deep Purple is as much about guitar as it is about Organ. If you don't have a keyboard player who can rock it on the organ then don't bother it'll suck

If you want to impress ppl blow their minds with some Muse!