Trying to figure out what to do with my cobra. I like it, but not really more than my 6505. I've heard that framus's are very responsive to new tubes, so I considered this, does it really make a bug dif in the cobra?
It's a very different voicing to the 6505, maybe it just isnt your thing. What in particular dont you like about it?

Cobra's are quite picky.
What speakers/cab are you running it through and what tubes are in it now?
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i'm running it through a splawn 2x12 cab currently. I have a recto 4x12 on the way though.

I kind of have a hard time describing my likes/dislikes in tone. I guess what i prefer in the 6505 is just the raw aggresiveness, and the lack of 'fizz'. Even though cranking the channel volume solves the large fizz problem on the cobra, it still seems a little fizzier than the 6505 to me.

I'm really not sure about what kind of tubes are in the cobra, as its like 5 or 6 years old. Just started wondering about trying a tube swap before i sold it.