hey. ive been playing guitar for about 5 years now. i absolutely love it. but im looking to upgrade my acoustic. i have a seagull rustic mini jumbo. so give me your suggestions. budget will be 500-800$ Canadian. lets hear it.
First, tell us something about what you like and dislike about the Seagull. What sort of music you play. Which specific qualities you're looking for in a new guitar. Etc.

Unless and until you do that, nobody can give you a meaningful recommendation. (Which doesn't mean some people won't offer recommendations. Just that since they don't know anything about your specific needs and preferences, their recommendations may be of somewhat limited value.)
it would be handy to know if you have a nut width preference, if you're looking for a specific size of guitar, etc.
takamine is nice.

idk.......just go to the store and play some.
if you really like one.......you won't walk out the store without it.
well. the seagull has a bit thick of a nut for me. im not sure what the width is on the ovation celebrity cw44 but thats the size i like. the seagull is great, i just dont think the depth of the sound, if you will is quite what i like.