I signed up for beginner guitar classes at a local community college and I would like to know the experiences of people who have taken a similar course. I'm a bit nervous since I'd be with complete strangers and some stuff would just be review(what frets are, tuning a guitar,chord shapes)
There's no reason to be nervous. It's a beginners class. Just pretend you're taking chemistry for the first time. Everyone else is a beginner too.

I've never taken a course at a community college but I'd assume they'd go over a lot of theory. How good the class is depends on so much just like there are awesome and sucky guitar teachers out there.
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I think it depends on whos teaching you... I had lessons at school years ago and the guy taught me the basics... after that we just spent lesson after lesson jamming and in the end i quit because theres no point paying to jam with someone... thats what friends are for
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I took a few lessons of classical guitar at my local community college back in early 2008. It was a very relaxed atmosphere. The teacher was very chill and half of the people there had little to no experience with the guitar. So relax. Even if people are the next Beethoven, you're all there to learn.

Now, most of us have the standard 6-string guitar. I think one person besides the instructor actually had a full-blown classical guitar. No biggie you're not going to have to go buy one unless you want to. The class was to learn and practice finger work and basic concepts and what not. It's a shame I didn't continue but due to time and budget constraints I just couldn't do six classes in a semester plus this elective. That was too much.

Now that you have sparked my little trip down memory lane, I think I'll go look this class up. It was Classical Guitar 1101 or something. Entry-level. No experience required.
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beginner lessons are for absolute beginners. I thought i was one until i took a class and the instructor recommended i sign up for his private lessons (i had been playing self taught for a year at that point i didn't know what i would be considered).
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