How far i down tune to be completely safe where i dont have to adjust or mess with the truss rod or anything?
depends on the guitar if it has a thicker neck you have more leeway
youll usually find it when you try
you should be safe with half step down or drop-d
unless you have a wammy bar
Are you just tuning down? Going with a heavier string guage would help offset a drastic down tune. How far do you want to tune, what guitar is it, and what strings are you using?
Its an esp ltd, TOM bridge. like if i were to set it up in drop D, i could tune to drop c without any problems probably, but could I tune up to E...? like i play a lot in different tunings and I just had this idea.
It depends on the guitar. I own a Fender Strat and I can only tune down to Drop D and if I try anything lower, the strings become like spaghetti.