Bad Azz Billy Gunn is in trouble. He's married, but he'd been seeing this girl in Canada. The girl decided to post pictures of him and her and facebook. Mr. Ass' wife saw them on facebook and Billy Gunn called this girl and put the videos on youtube. Basically, he's getting a divorce and ruined his life.


I feel bad for Billy Gunn but this is hilarious. There are a bunch of parts on youtube.
um what?
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Did someone say Assman?

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Ahahahahah he's an ass.
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Bad Ass Billy Gun, the famous professional wrestler from 10 years ago. He was with Road Dogg Jesse James, the New Age Outlaws in the WWF.

May I ask what state you live in?
MD. Why would this matter?

Also, if you're wondering about this career, he wrestles in high school gyms now. But he's in it for the love of it.
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Actually there is a wrestling thread. This is where it should be. *reported*
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