I have a gig coming up and was wondering when I should change my strings prior to the show. I want to still have that new, crisp tone the day of the show, but I'm worried that if I change them say, the day before the show, the guitar will get whacked out of tune too much because they're new strings. On the other hand, if I change them to far in advance, they could be dead/dull and won't be as easy to slide up and down the neck for solos, etc. I have an Ibanez Edge III bridge on my main guitar and I do a lot of whammy stuff, divebombs etc. and when I put new strings on, the guitar tends to come out of tune when I do that. Let me know what you guys perfer to do. Thanks.
just string them that morning and make sure u strech them out so they dont get out of tune
Personally, I change them the afternoon of the gig, stretch them well and then warm up on them for an hour or so, always does the trick for me.
But then again, my guitars never go out of tune anyway.
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I would always do mine like 3-5 days in advance, just to break em in. The sound of new strings always sounds tinny to me, but after a few days playing they sound awesome.
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I always just go up and down the neck on each string stretching them out, tuning, stretching, retuning, etc. Then I play a while after I restring to break em in. Night before so they have time to settle in?
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2 days before is the golden timeframe for me, mainly because I think BRAND new strings sound way too harsh
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two days and i have tone like an angel playing a harp with sweet distortion
If you stretch then properly you could change them an hour before if you wanted to, even with a trem.
i always do the night before then play em a bit the day of and then there ready to go. i will never change the day of again, i was fighting my G string for about a third of the gig before i gave up and went to my backup