when i first started playing, i had a habit of playing everything i thought i knew how to play and every different way i could think of. like where i would strike the strings, whether i would hit them hard or soft or just sweep over them, i tried holding the pick sideways(probably why i went through so many strings). it was only a matter of time before i noticed that some of these things actually effected tone, and sometimes in a rather pleasant manner. i dismissed most of those findings because most of them hurt more than helped, but one thing that i still find greatly changes the way you sound is where you strike the strings, by the bridge, by the, neck or right in the middle.

i'm not gonna go on to say that i'm a revolutionary. i'm sure something everyone knows but i want to talk about it. so where do you guys like to play at most (why). and what other little nuances like this can effect the tone or sound of your guitar.

where i play depends on two things - where my hand falls naturally on the particular guitar and what kind of tone i am looking for.
I play right over the sound hole for a couple reasons. One, that's where my hand naturally falls. Two, I'm not good enough to worry about whete my right hand is yet.

I do play around with different picks though. Different thickness picks will give different sounds and sometime I even turn the pick side ways and use the round part. With some picks this creates a more mellow/muddy tone, but with other picks it creates a brighter/crisper tone. I guess it depends on how the edge of the pick is constructed (rounded or squared off)
Generally I just play over the sound hole, but the chimey sounds from playing up towards the frets and the jangly, twangy sound from playing near the bridge can be cool sometimes.
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like patticake said; it depends on the guitar, and what style I'm playing/tone I'm looking for. If I'm just playing singer/songwriter stuff, I tend to play above the soundhole for a full sounding...sound. If I'm playing bluegrass/folk-ish stuff, I'll strum closer to the bridge. Usually my hand likes to fall above the soundhole.

Also, what you use to pick alters tone. Sometimes I'll strum with a plectrum, my fingernails, or just my thumb (usually only do that on electric guitar for jazz).
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where i play depends on two things - where my hand falls naturally on the particular guitar and what kind of tone i am looking for.


For a lot of reggae, up beat stuff I tend to pick closer if not on the fret board. Some times when I want a real chime ring in striking a chord I tend to hit very near the bridge.

Then it comes to positioning on each string, since each one will require a different position to get that desired tone. There is a lot of experimenting in it and it's all personal.

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yeah, its cool to hear how other people approach there instrument. for me i like to do arpeggios near the bridge and rhythm closer to the neck. i tend to stay away from directly above the sound hole as much as possible because to me it just sounds, too full. like there isn't a nice harmony just like everything is coming at me at once(maybe jthis is just my cheap ass guitar) but yeah, i like to experiment i like to cut up different plastic cards(like old credit cards) just to see how they sound. and i like to play with different parts of my hand as well

oh and sometime just for fun i like to ram my head into the guitar really fast while it is hanging from a low tree. this tends to give me the best sound.
I usually just play where my hand falls as well. But if I'm ever playing something really simple I'll try to play every string right in the middle. I mean if you pluck any open string right at the 12th fret you get a unique sound that is only available within a couple millimeters of the center of the string. I figure striking the string at this point probably produces more low tones. This is kind of hard to do, so I've been memorizing where to play certain frets to pluck exactly in the middle. I only do this on really easy songs. And some times I'll just try to get roughly in the middle of the string, it sounds richer even if you don't get it right on the sweet spot.