Mindlessly following,blind and naive
What is accepted,the sought after question
An endless search for nothing
Doing whats told never looking back

The society turned red torture is popular
Its all the craze
Slash away happily without a care
Without conscience meaninglessness

Even as they cry in pain the acceptance overpowers moral's
The sadistic enjoyment,infliction accepted
The rules of a society,unlimited brutality
To mutilate is to be accepted,murder is in
how people almost blindly follow the rights and wrongs of society just to feel accepted
i dont know how it'll sound like with music, but i feel the lines are pretty long.

i mean you're gonna sing "Even as they cry in pain the acceptance overpowers moral's" in one breath? haha ><
lol im not sure myself im working on keeping it poetic but still sounding smoothe withut resorting too just screaming them fast or something and sounding lame XD
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