This dude wants to trade his Kramer for my Jackson. How do I - in a nice way - tell him I simply will not trade a good MIJ guitar for a low-end ugly MII guitar? I won't actually knock the Kramer because I haven't tried it but aside from the terrible Redburst, there is something about wanting to trade your guitar for another that costs more than twice as much that I just don't like.

If this guitar had been in a nice color like white, I would've considered it. I would've slapped on new strings, intonated and adjusted the bridge, and I'd have myself a B standard guitar.
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Haha, the question wasn't serious, I was just hinting that I wanted to tell him to piss off. Ah well. The point of the thread is to discuss why someone would think to trade two guitars of very different price ranges (and quality) with each other? I'm selling my Jackson for more than I can buy his Kramer brand new from Thomann. Like $100 more.
he's either lacking knowledge regarding the value of different guitars or he's trying to scam you. either way, just say no.

i don't know why you're looking into this so much. fail thread :/
You're not getting the point. I turned him down about the same time I posted the thread. Again, here to discuss what people are high on when they do this stuff My ad had other things in them, it should've been clear from that ad that I'm not a clueless newbie.