My budget is 200USD tops. I'm just looking for something with a bitchin' clean channel, takes pedals well, has reverb at least and solid state/tube doesn't matter.

Yes, I know. For 200 my expectations aren't high...but I know there are good amps out there for 200 or less. Buying used is no problem.


Thanks in advance!

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valveking royal 8

Never heard of that before, but I googled it, and that seems like a VERY nice practice amp.
What do you mean by "practice?" Bedroom/low volume/headphone practice? Or something easy to carry, move around, etc (ie band "practice")?

Example, I have a 15w tube amp--- and it has no headphone out, and its minimal volume as already substantial, and the tone kicks in when it is "loud." It isn't great for the bedroom.

So what do you really want?