This is more or less a completely new song, but with the same name and meaning. C4C

let it all change by itself
the deeper meanings, the happy endings
they all meant well
but then they left me by myself
so i gave up on going home
now i roam the streets
and just like everyone else
i'm not who i want to be
so i'll just "grow out of it"

i'll move on to better things
i'll go on without me
myself somewhere else:
an empty shell

like hell i will
i'll try until these streets forget me
until i'm what i mean to be
myself somewhere else
We're only strays.
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wow! i love it! hmm... its short.. but i like it that way really good job!
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I do actually like this.

In parts, it is hard to read, but that is the case as is with most works. I like the idea behind it though, with myself enjoying the end the most.

I would suggest more punctuation. I like to think of commas as a way for my to show my pauses. Screw the every day society and how they are "meant" to be used. Just a thought
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