Ok, so Brooks Paschal, some may know who is.

He was the frontman for a band called Sullivan with Tyson Shipmann, Jeremy Stanton, Zach Harward, Phil Chamberlain.

Well he now has a new band out along with his solo project.

The new band features Brooks, Jeremy, Tyson, Luke, Josh (From This Runs Through, which also had Phil and his Brother and Tyson). The new band is called the Afterlife Kids, they are based out of St. Petersburg/Tampa, Winter Springs/Casselberry Florida.

The sound is very alt-rock with a twist of mellow rock. They have a unique sound due to the fact that many bands in alt-rock and hard rock stick to just either playing power chords and fast guitar riffs. And usually the singer doesn't sing all that well and or you can't understand them.

Brooks's side project, Surprises, is exactly what its called a surprise. You think for a person with such a heavy back round in rock that he would continue with a rock genre project. But its more of a mellow/easy listening project, more like Death Cab for Cutie and less Sullivan.

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