i wanted to write this one but i havent yet so instead you get half-drunken rambling under a title that might deserve better
as always i owe some people :/

Highway Songs and Films About Ghosts

hard lived life to lie and say sorry
i guess the boring ones are when we're born where we die
so i try and hide on the road with a cramped spine
pillows and blankets and a sundried backseat
west in peace and now driving back east
the roads tangle tighter and now the hills end the days
but up on a desert plateau and under the milky way
all i saw were headlights candles and a small town parade
i guess the symbolic things only matter for what you make them
but man, one day i wanna drive down to florida
and see the city where i was born
Anatomy Anatomy
Whale Blue Review

Park that car
Drop that phone
Sleep on the floor
Dream about me
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