Hey guys, I'm having a problem right now. I'm trying to get to a point where I'm playing with the least amount of tension possible while having good grip/control on the pick. When I have a good grip, my wrist tends to tense up. If relax though, I drop my pick. I know there will be some tension but I'm wanting to play with the least possible tension while having good control/grip with my pick. Anyone have any tips? It'd be much appreciated.

I think you can't not have tension in your picking hand, because the amount of tension you put, the sound comes out different... So the more tension you have, the more solid sound i guess you get...

For example, you cant play Battery(Metallica) with a loose hand, it doesnt sound right...

I think as you practice more and more, your right hand will get used to it and you wont even think about it..
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the way you hold your pick makes a lot of difference, so analyze that. i hook my index finger at the first joint so i get more contact with the pick.
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