so I got all these copper pipes all over my hallway. (we're installing a new heating system). I was thinking I could tell one of the handymen to cut a piece for me.
what I want to know is how long should I tell him to cut it.
I've never seen a slide in real life so i don't know anything about them.
You're gonna want to file it a **** load btw.

I did my first year Product Design product study on guitar slides (and improving them) so I had to make a few.
If you don't file them, get ready to have your fingers cut.
just buy one?
the glass ones are like $4?

....I'm a jerk......

honestly that would be cool to cut a piece off that.
you can just use whatever size you want.
cut a few so you have a small, medium, and large slide.
rock on! =)
I have seen pipe used for a slide. It'll work great. Just make sure it fits nicely over your finger and covers the entire neck of whatever you're trying to play.
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