So I've posted a lot on here looking for a new amp.

My main problem is I never really stick to a genre. I'm in a band currently, and we're playing a bit of everything, so I need an amp that can do everything good (I know I can't get and amp that will do everything perfectly, well, not without selling my kidneys anyway).

So my budget is £1000.
I play mainly classic rock, but also blues, metal, and general rock and clean stuff.
I use quite a few pedals, so it needs to take them well.

I'm thinking about the Blackstar HT Stage 100 head and cab, or maybe a different cab, I don't know.

The main reason it is seems it can do a lot of stuff, with the ISF being pretty cool sounding.

So basically I'm thinking that would be a good amp for me, but if anyone can convince me that there is a better one for me, let me know please
For versatility i'd go for a used Peavey JSX and a 2x12 cab. Maybe an Orange or Avatar? I am considering picking up a HT-100 myself but honestly a JSX is more versatile
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Quote by AxSilentxLine
For versatility i'd go for a used Peavey JSX and a 2x12 cab. Maybe an Orange or Avatar? I am considering picking up a HT-100 myself but honestly a JSX is more versatile

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If I had a £1000 for an amp I'd get an Orange AD30TC in a heartbeat

You might be able to do a deal in store for the head and cab if that's more your thing.

It'll cover your cleans, blues, classic rock and british rock with a real natural ability and it pushes into heavy rock territory too. It has two totally independent switchable channels for added versatility. If you want metal, you'll need a pedal, but I'm sure that'd be no problem.
I forgot to mention, I need it good for gigging (So maybe combo instead?) but alright at lower levels too.
What's a Laney VH100R go for there? It's not a combo but if you want versatility it's hard to beat. Great sounding amp.
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If you're willing to go without tubes/valves you might want to consider a Line 6 Vetta, unbelievably versatile and prob one of the best moddellers out there.
To be honest I wouldn't recommend the Blackstar, I had the 60 watt combo version, it sucked ass to be honest. Weak sounding on the crunch channel, too much feedback and messyness on the high gain channel, the cleans were OK... Blackstar's high end stuff is decent, though.

To be honest, I'll second the Orange suggestions, I wish I had have bought one instead of my Mesa.

But saying that, you could look for a used Mesa Mark of some sort.
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I second Cathbard's suggestion since I'm a Laney fanboy like him

I'd also suggest the Laney TT series of amps.
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Just to clear something up, the versatility I'm talking of, I'm going to be doing mainly classic/hard rock, but I don't want it to sound crap if I decide to play some Cream now and again. I'm not looking for it to be sweet at everything, just so the crowd won't complain on a few songs.

Thanks for the suggestions though guys, looking them up now.

Edit: Just found an amp I wanted a while back, the Randall Rm-100C combo.

Opinions on it?
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Whilst I haven't played it that Randall gets much love. However the modules can be expensive. And there are some which can be modded for extra bucks. But I don't know of anyone who doesn't really rave about it once they've played it so definitely worth a look.

You could also look into (used) an Egnater Tourmaster. Very Versatile or of course the Mesa Marks already mentioned.

I still say you should look into the Vetta. Unbelievably versatile, you can run two models at the same time in stereo complete with stompboxes and cabinet options. It can be directly inputted into the PA if you so wish, but you will need the footswitch for all this especially when gigging I mean. I can't rate it highly enough. The number of times I have contemplated replacing my gear with it. A dream sound to be honest and as I say very versatile. There will be very few - VERY FEW - people who would know the difference between a genuine all tube amp and this baby. But dependds on how moveable you are on the idea of opting for non tube...?

EDIT: hit up MatrixClaw for his opinions - and boy does that man know his gear (as do a lot of people on here natch!)
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The Vetta seems good, just not for me really. Plus my brain probably couldn't cope with all that digital trickery..

A question on the Randall, it has a "Slave out". I've read two things about this, one is that it cuts out the power amp so you can use a different amps power amp. I've also read that it allows you you hook up another cab.

If the second part is true, this means (as long as I match the power and ohms) I can connect a 2 x 12 cab, so effectively have a halfstack, right?


I've realised I wouldn't need to add more speakers. If not because of the weight more than anything else.
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