Most important? In what context?

EDIT: Minor pentatonic is one of the most popular and easiest to use for blues, rock and metal
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I have no idea , because I havnt started learning any scales yet and I'm wondering which scale should I go about learning first and how are they utilised.
Minor pentatonic is most popular so I'd go with that. Also, in practice the major pentatonic is simple the minor pentatonic with all notes three frets lower.

Then when you're learning the major scale you'll recognize some of the shapes you've learned with the pentatonic scale, but with a few added notes and starting on a different root.

Also, if you're just starting to solo, limit yourself to something like 4 notes on two strings (ex. fret 5 and 7 on the D and G strings in an A blues). Make simple licks with those, then slowly branch out to add more notes and strings.
depending on genre, they are all very important in the end tho,
the purpose of the scale are just broken down notes in harmony/melody, etc
if your playing 80's metal like i do youll need to learn your minor more importantly
The Major scale. Most music is based around this scale, so learn everything about it.
If you wanna get into some basic theory, the major scale is the best starting point.

But if you just wanna start doing some simple soloing then I would go with minor pentatonic.