I have a question about the fx loop in my Blackstar HT20. I have my pedals setup in a fairly normal way. I have my Wah, Distortion and Compressor infront of the amp's input and then my modulation pedals in the FX Loop. I have my amp connected to my old Vox AD100VT which I have modded to be a cab. All of that is working without a problem. Happy days.

However, I want to hook up my acoustic to my pedals, as I like using the compression, delay and tremolo (amongst other pedals) and then split the signal chain so that my acoustic can plug into the mixer and not come through my cab. I had another thread on here about the best way to set it up. As a result of that I opted to put an ABY (EHX Switchblade) at the end of the FX chain and had one branch of it go into the amp's FX IN, and the other to the mixer or DI box.

The question I wanted to ask is; When the signal is being sent to the mixer (ie making the amp's FX loop incomplete) is this going to cause any problems with the amp? I've heard things about valve amps overloading and blowing if they haven't got a complete circuit flowing to the cab??!?

Thanks in advance guys,
You'll be fine as long as you're not messing with the speaker outs of the amp.
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The speaker outs of the amp remain connected to the cab at all times.

Cheers for your help chaps, very reassuring.