I'd finished with an add on cab for my Frontman and realized I'd done a lot to make more sound, but nothing to make less, which is what's called for at home. Even by itself and with no drive it's hard to tune the amp down to bedroom level because it goes from 0 to 0.25 in a hair. I got out an old stereo speaker that had lost its mate and found that I could almost drive it off the headphone jack on my f/x pedal. I tore apart an old shoebox tape recorder for its amp, but it'd been damaged by battery acid and wouldn't play. So I decided to go the other way, dropping the impedance and multiplying the driver area by putting another in parallel.

Except I didn't have one. Fresh out of speakers. Then I remembered the thread about putting a surface driver on the back on a hollow body so I could play the feedback it made. I had a couple of those drivers left. So what to use for the still absent cab/speakers? Thinking literally outside the box, I found it.

One cab, 18 by 60 inches, quarter of an inch thick. Speaker: flat, glass, same dimensions. Two drivers on the back, 13 and 25 mm diameter coils, equidistant from each other and ends, wired in parallel with the one three way stereo speaker, driven by the headphone jack on the Deltalabs DGFX-1. The unit weighs about a pound and hangs about an inch from the wall, from a nail with a piece of speaker wire.

No big deal watching yourself play. But hearing yourself playing at you, with the sound coming at you directly from the other you is kind of spooky. You start to wonder which one of you is the image.. It's neither practical nor very good. But it works, which is all I needed, and it's real different, which is why sometimes I just have to pull out the junk boxes and hack.
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