Hey GG&A

About a week ago I bought a Vox AC30C2, and I absolutely love it. I specifically bought this amp cause I was going for a Classic Rock kind of tone, and it does that so well.

However, I was wondering if it's possible for the Vox to get slightly dirtier when I want to break out some heavy riffage. I'm talking about dirty in a Audioslave or Alice in Chains kind of way. The top boost channel has a decent amount of gain, it just doesn't sound tight enough when it's turned way up.

What kind of Overdrive would you guys recommend to tighten up the Vox a bit. Or is it simply not possible to get those kind of tones out of it?
I tried it with the BOSS SD1 and the MXR od-80 (i think that's what its called, its the one thats like glossy green lol) and both were awesome. SD1 is super cheap but a bit noisy tbh while the MXR was super quiet had a shed load of gain, if you so choose to use it, and it looks mighty cool so my money would be on that bad boy.
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