I play metal, I use a peavey 6505+112 and just bought a used crate gc 412ts cabinet for $45.

the speakers in it are much junky! they say taiwan 30 watt on them haha.

ok im on a limited budget, as in, I have no money yet. I have a bad horsie2 wah and some pickups on craigslist hoping to get around 130 for it all.

so that would either get me: a 4 pack of celestion rocket 50's

or 2 speakers from the following combinations

2 warehouse vintage 30's
2 warehouse g12h30, if i want to mix this way?


2 warehouse retro30's
2 warehouse reaper 50 watts

I can either get the 4 rocket 50's or any 2 of the warehouse speakers and keep saving for the other two.

any other reccomendations or suggestions are welcome!
I have no idea sorry, but i couldn't resist the title.....''speaker shopping! input please'' -well i found it funny
X pattern Warehouse ET65's with Warehouse Veteran 30s
Or 4 Veteran 30s.
i dont know much about speakers really, I just like the price of the warehouse and thier comparison to celestions.

i love the price of the rocket50's 4 for 120.00, but I feel I would still be changing them out later on.

i have heard of emminence, will have to check out weber.
You may want to look into Webber. Pretty good American made(I think) knock offs of other speakers. Guy even has sound samples on his site and you can do custom things to the speakers.

I own a Jenkins sound shop cab with 4 webbers in it.
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the budget is non negotiable, im only getting 2 speakers at a time as well, and likely sitting on 2 until i can get 2 more.

may mess them up putting them in with the taiwans in there now.
I'm a big fan of the WGS Retro 30's. Pair two of those with two Reaper HP's or ET-65's.
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eminence makes great speakers in the 60-80 range (most of em) if just thier legend models and v12 of whatever that go for more.

eminence makes a v30 copy. verteran 30?? its probably 60-80 bucks

i personally am really likeing the wizard right now.
im liking the combos of the reaper hp's with the retro 30's


the et65's with veteran 30's

but i am just imaging the sound from the descriptions lol cant really hear any demos
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Quote by Cisc

2 warehouse vintage 30's
2 warehouse g12h30, if i want to mix this way?

I'd go with this for metal.
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