I'll crit this by each major section:

First section is airy and light. The transition to the next section is flawless. I didn't even really notice it. That's definitely the best type of transition.

As for the section itself, I found it to be a nice intro. It sets up the piece nicely. I would typically say that you should have some B&D to accompany it, but the entire piece works without it.

This sounds familiar but I can't quite place my finger on it. I like it quite a bit. I'm thinking Closure in Moscow, a modern classical composer, and some sort of video game music (Final Fantasy or Fire Emblem; something RPG-ish).

Very post-hardcore like, but with that special edge that _JR_ brings about. The transition is a bit too glaring. It's somewhat distracting to be honest. I guess it might be due to my dislike for fade outs.

Now this section moving into the next is phenomenal again. I didn't really feel this section, but it worked out quite well. The melody was very sparse, but it's a good contrast to the proceeding section...

DGD all the way. I hear it everywhere. Don't take that the wrong way, as I don't think it's derivative at all. I think it's beautifully done. You shouldn't mess with this in any way.

I would preferably like this to be a bit more extended, but it works as is.

Now, I do quite like your work. As such, I would like to hear your input on this song here.
Sounded great but im sure parts of it are unreachable to human fingers when played.
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