Hi All,

This is a song i recorded today titled "Release":


Tell me what you think??

this is a song i have been messing around with for a while..

This is still a work in progress, just wanted to upload current version.

First take, dont think some notes picked up to well through my dodgy recording setup..

Could have fine tuned the delay so it produced more of an echo.. but i kinda ran out of time to mess with my settings

Ibanez RG350DX
Boss ME-20 Multi-FX
Roland CUBE 20X

Line in to Mic port on Computer
Windows XP
Windows Movie Maker (Editing)
Audacity for guitar recording

Please let me know what you think

Comments, Constructive Criticism etc all welcome
This doesn't belong here, my friend.

You should of posted it in the riffs and recording section or something like that.