I just tested a pair at Best Buy and they sound awesome, but for £250 i'm not sure if they're worth splashing out for.

Can anyone recommend a decent set that won't break the bank? Just something that won't lose clarity at high volumes so I don't have to annoy the neighbours when playing.

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They're complete and utter shit.

They break easily, the sound quality is shocking for the money, the quality control is so unreliable that every pair i've sold at work i've had back for a refund because they're terrible.

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They're pretty crap for their price.
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I like the Ear Pollution stuff - not sure where to buy it in the UK, but they can be gotten cheap online, and if you go direct you can get custom colours and stuff. The sound quality is great too, and they definitely don't break the bank - around £50 max, I think.
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I like them, but they're waaaaay overpriced. The sound quality is good, just not £250 good. Look into some of the suggestions the guys are giving you.
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I have to say that I tried these at Best Buy Lakeside a few weeks back and they did not sound great at all, they had majorly weak bass and a fragile top end. I can imagine if someone did not have an ear for such things they would sound nice but since I do have an ear for such things they just did not cut it. 10 years of top end Denon amp matched with M&K speakers will give you the ear!

The Denons sat next to them for half the price (AH-P372's) sounded way better and so did the £40 skull candy things I tried. Defiantly not worth the moolah
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I was completly unaware that we have Best Buy in this country.

I tried some of those Dr. Dre headphones in HMV a couple months back, I thought they sounded really good, but then I saw the price, what a joke.

You can get Sennheiser/Bose headphones for under £100 that sound as good if not better.

Even those Skull Candy ones are decent, and cheap (but stay away from their ear bud type ones, they sound awful).
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I like them, but that's just me, sometimes its nice to put on loud music or hip hop with a lot of bass and feel your head shaking. But really, I only like them for that purpose. That and being on a plane or a bus and not having to blast the volume on 10 to hear my music.

Otherwise... they're not good for accurate sound reproduction. There is far too much bass, so they're not exactly the best for clarity either. The build quality is also not that good. For the clearest sound and more accurate reproduction, check out ACDCrocks's suggestions with the Grados.
I too have heard good things about sennheisers. I own a pair of *puts up flame shield* Bose headphones. Audiophiles flame me, but I like them.
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Meh like with every product people love and hate them. I just bought my pair last weekend. Amazing if you ask me. Garbage if you ask someone else. Don't take a word for it though. GL
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Yea thats what i thought.
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Agree with the Grado SR60i, don't own them but have heard incredibly good things about them and have read very good reviews about them as well. But they look kind of weird so i wouldn't really go outside with these on. lol
The thing about the Grado ones I suggested is that they are semi open back and thus will not keep sound in well. In other words, people around you will be able to hear what you are listening to pretty easily. That said, if you don't care about that, then Grado cans are simply the best for the money in terms of sound quality.