Hi All,

This is a song i recorded today titled "Release":


Tell me what you think??

this is a song i have been messing around with for a while..

This is still a work in progress, just wanted to upload current version.

First take, dont think some notes picked up to well through my dodgy recording setup..

Could have fine tuned the delay so it produced more of an echo.. but i kinda ran out of time to mess with my settings

Ibanez RG350DX
Boss ME-20 Multi-FX
Roland CUBE 20X

Line in to Mic port on Computer
Windows XP
Windows Movie Maker (Editing)
Audacity for guitar recording

Please let me know what you think (:

Comments, Constructive Criticism etc all welcome
First off, I was impressed by your technical ability to keep in time, 2nd, really cool idea you have here. You have a bit too much bass going with the neck pickup, it really cleared up when you switched to the bridge. If you could manage to switch your controls on your guitar faster so there isn't a awkward delay in the song it would flow much better.

Lastly, I think your relying on scales to much, after a while, it starts to sound robotic, I would venture out of the scale and put some rhythm parts in there, just to break the song up a bit.

Crit mine?

as i said, it is a first take, so im still working on perfecting it. also the pauses in the song are due to the timing i am currently using. even if i wasnt messing with the controls the timing would be the same. but yeah ill probably record a second take in about a month or so.

thanks for commenting
It's cool idea. I dig the overall vibe. However, it's really hard to give a yay or a nay on something like this by itself, outside of more of a more full recording. Depeding on what sort of direction you are going with this, it's either really good or really dull. I see you were inspired by Big Sur Moon. If you're going that sort of direction, more of a solo guitar instrumental, then it's ok, but IMO, nothing more than OK.
However, with a band in the background. guitar, bass, drums, and possibly vox (possibly, this would sound cool as an instrumental IMO), I think it would sound much better. I think in a full band mix, you got something really cool. With a rhythm section and rhythm guitar laying the groove and backbone of what you're doing, it'd make your idea sound much better IMO.

All in all, to summarize, as a standalone guitar instrument (ala Big Sur Moon), it's cool, but nothing real special. However, full band setting. Farkin' schweet.

My two cents. Either way you go. Cool idea.
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