I have an Epiphone Les Paul and need to replace the wire between the three way switch and the output jack. I'm wondering if this type of wire is sold in hardware stores or anywhere else. I'm a little impatient and don't want to buy some from StewMac and have to to wait. If so, any advice for identifying the wire at the hardware store?

I have never done rewiring myself but I have been reading articles and watching videos about doing it. Any tips here are great, too.

Thanks for the quick replies guys. I took another look at the guitar wiring and I realized I need to replace two wires. The grounded one (black - on the left) and the signal one (white - second from the left). Which is the one you guys referred to above? What is the size of the other one? And is there any certain way I should remove or insert the wires from the switch?

Oh yeah and after taking a good look at the three grouped together, it looks like strands from the red wire might be making contact with strands from the black wire. Is this a problem?


What the hell is that crap?!?! My professional opinion is to rip it all out and rewire it.

And it honestly does not matter what gauge wire you use, I wired up my guitar with 16 gauge automotive speaker wire, although it did work, it had alot of buzz. Rewired it with shielded wire and buzz went away.

It might be a good idea to get the same colors though, so you know what's what. And for the wires touching each other, might want to fix that, it could cause problems, it might not, but the cleaner your wiring is, the less problems you'll have.
Haha yeah that was my initial thought was but after reading up on wiring a little, it sounded like redoing the whole thing might be a disaster. I bought this from a friend who bought better pickups for it and I think he might have had the wiring redone so I'm pretty sure that picture isn't stock.
Oh i thought you were talking about which gauge wire to buy. You can wire your guitar with different wires it won't make that much of a difference. Are you asking us about the diagram?

Make sure the wires and solder are only touching where they should or it can short circuit.

If you need wiring advice, I'd go to the ultimate wiring thread.

Also I like to keep colors organized and if i can i use a thicker gauge wire for the ground wire so it's easier to locate with more complex wirings...
It's not stock for 100%
First of all you should rewire all...Its not so hard as it's looks.
Just take red wire for signal and black for ground and you will know all.
Schematics also are easy to understand just remember to look on pots same way as they are shown on schematic.
you will need schematic of your guitar manufacture and from your replaced humbs(only for wire color checkup)
Do it slowly step by step(wire after wire and I bet that everything will be fine.

Oh and last thing...The less wires lenght the better...Less buzzes/brums and all that also better signal.
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Whoa, that needs to be rewired for sure.
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Yeah I think I'll end up buying one of the wiring kits from Stew-Mac -- unless there is a better (i.e. cheaper) place....

Can someone explain the difference between the standard wiring setup and the Jimmy Page setup? I've looked around on here but without any luck.

Thanks again for all the help!
The cheaper and best way is just to go to any elecronical/electrical shop and buy 50cm black and 50cm red wire (will be needed lot less but dont think that they sell like 25cm)

Thats all what you need every thing you allready have.
You can also buy 2 pots 500k (1 type A and one tybe B) since there is allways lots of soldering on to pots back cover so if you are a beginer in soldering you can heat up too much the cover and damaged pot.
All that will cost you around 3$

About schematics... they are easy to download from webs so why paying for them
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I think I'll replace all the wiring and the output jack just to be safe. I'll leave the pots alone because I don't see why anything should be wrong with them. I found the stock wiring setup in another thread (second posted picture):


I may have overlooked this but when I last had my guitar opened up, I don't remember seeing any capacitors soldered on to the pots... are they always included? I figure I can pick them up at the same place I find the wiring.

Any other tips before I take on this endeavor?