getting a new pup is always a leap of faith, you cannot test before you buy, at least usually. Listening to other people's instruments does not help either, it will sound totally different with your guitar and amp.

So I got me this DiMarzio Air Norton S and put it to the neck of my mahagony guitar... ouch. It is very dark and muddy. I was not expecting twanging sparkling heights, I have a Strat for that. But this is a bit too much. You cannot strum a full chord including the bass E without getting a horrible hummy dark tonal dissaster (I am speaking clean here.)

Is there a way to bringhten it up a bit? I was messing around with the height, the bass side is now much lower than the topsy side, but it's still lacking some bright punch and delivers way too much on the low end.

Any ideas? Throw it away, lesson learnt - thou shalt not install dark bassy pups into a mahagony axe? Any way out?

I have one of those in my Jackson and I like it for it's warmth. but as for trying to brighten it up maybe try going to 1Meg pots in the tone and or vol. to see if that makes a diff. I hear that will change thinks up some over the normal 500k or go from 250K to 500k as a possibile option.
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If you are getting a muddy response even with a 500k pot, I'd return them. Mst places, even online, will have a money back guarantee for even pickups. 1M pots will give a brighter sound, this often is said to give buckers more bite. But I would go demand for your money back if you find the tone muddy.
Thanks everybody, great tips indeed.

Unfortunately a return is not an option here. The dealer would probably take it back but the guy was so helpful and quick in getting me my custom order (while other dealers told me to bugger off) that I simply cannot do it. Not fair.

As for the pots... how about just wiring a resistor or something onto the pup? I mean... if I put in a pot that makes the pups more topsy, I will screw my other pups I am totally happy with...

How about a decent EQ? Would that do a trick?

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Whilst i do feel for your situation, i have to say that i am glad you made a thread about it as i was considering the air norton neck pickup for my Iceman. Think i may reconsider now.
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It all comes down to a personal taste. Since I consider a Strat my primary instrument, I somewhat tend to want my pups sound bright. That does not mean I am right, that only means a darker muddier bassy mellow pup came out as a disappointment of a sort.

Maybe I will end up linking it after all. It surely is quite different from anything else I have on my guitars and - why the hell would one want all their pickups sound the same?

Good luck with your choice.