I've started my own guitar blog and would really appreciate some feedback or advice. I am new to recording and blogging so anyone out there who runs there own site can hopefully share their experience!

This is honestly not meant to just be a way of getting more hits as I'm only doing this for my own enjoyment and to learn about recording guitar on my laptop. I would love the UG community's opinion on the site but I would also appreciate everyone's answer to this question:

What was the one thing you can remember when you were starting out that really improved your playing or your desire to keep on practising?

Many Thanks!

I have just finished reading over every article and listening to every sound exhibit and have to say you're off to a good start with this blog. Regarding the sound files: though the tone in some of your overdriven examples is rough and sometimes unpleasant I think your clean tone is quite nice generally. Most of it was well played without many apparent errors and you were clear and unequivocal in your explanations. I think you should seriously reevaluate that Jeff Buckley tutorial as it's unnecessarily confusing to your intended audience. Mentioning there's a capo at the 5th position and then notating it as normal would be fine if you put down the tuning for people that don't know what the notes are or at least put the correct chord names above the staff. Optimally, just tab it like it's played for people that don't own a capo (and I imagine the people you are targeting generally don't). Good effort though and as I said, it's an impressive start. You shell out these lessons very quickly too apparently which is a big bonus for lesson sites starting out. Good luck maintaining the site and garnering fans and views.
Thanks for your feedback Sóknardalr, really appreciate it. I'll look into changing the Buckley text. Could you perhaps elaborate on this:

the tone in some of your overdriven examples is rough and sometimes unpleasant

I'm very new to recording my guitar on my laptop and could do with some advice. Is the volume to high? Is the distortion sound generally just a bit rubbish? Is there a particular amp modelling plug-in you can recommend?
I think it's got quite little to do with you. It's probably because your soundcard is not good enough (depends on what kind of laptop you have) or possibly also because of your actual set-up. This rings especially true (and is mainly directed at) the Omar Rodríguez-López article. I think the tone could use a lot of work. It's sounds a bit too messy in my opinion. It would certainly help to find a more even sound by using the equalizer settings but also to lower the overdrive. It's not like it is unbearable just not optimal I think.