So, I'm a pretty good hard rock and metal player/composer. But Recently, I've been writing some softer stuff, like Pink Floyd or something. And my chord progressions always sound generic.

Any tips for coming up with that "stand-out" progression? Or anything like that along the lines of softer songs?

Thanks guys.

P.S. This is the results of last time I tried to go soft in composing;
It's pretty weak, that was 6 months ago and I've since improved quite a bit
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I'd say you need to do some insightful exploration and learning of guitar techniques. Search the internet or look at books to find new scales, chords, modes etc. that you have not discovered previously. Maybe find out which particular modes and chords fit the sound that your looking for. Even, on this very site there are a load of materials that will help your advance your writing.

I'd reccomend: http://www.ultimate-guitar.tv/songwriting_lessons/songwriting_101_unique_chords_for_singersongwriters.html

And there loads of stuff like this all over the internet.
Hope this helps, Best of luck mate
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Try different chord voicings or throw in some open strings you wouldn't normally use with that chord
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