shafts of light create an island in the middle of an ocean of deep aquamarine
only in one column, only on me
my fingers, not so frantic, reach for the sun but are limp like my hair
even they know i'm succombing to the sea
as I sink I remember, as I reach I forget
the teenager I used to be
where I used to write poetry
I begin to prefer texting
now when I'm not with girls
people think I'm lonely
I used to float on the surface, alone, with myself in the sun
now I sink into the confusing deep
and as my chapters are named, and the photos, put away
I must try to find a way to breathe.
I enjoyed this. I can't completely tell whether I liked or didn't like the transition in the middle between a seemingly unearthly, surreal bit to a very real, literal part about texting, but it was definitely interesting.
The playground of the world