OK, so I don't know too much about guitars, I've been playing 3 years and have so far chosen guitars by what i liked in the shop, and any shops near where I live are a bit limited on stock. I've had a copy of an SG, a Strat copy and a Les Paul copy.
Now I want to step up a gear or two and get a decent guitar that by theory should last me quite a while, and I do find my SG copy pretty comfortable so thought I'd further on that.
So I've been looking at these two so far from musicstore.com
so like I said I dont know too much, and all i can see as a difference is the type of humbucker and the wood they are made of, so I'm wondering mainly what kind of difference the types of wood give.
Any help would be great, and any other sites people prefer would be great too.
Also there was this on musicstore.com
It's not a major thing, but was just wondering why its so much more expensive when the only difference i see is the colour
Well,from those I'd pick faded.. But I am not a fan of SGs. Are you sure you don't want a Gibson LP Studio? It could be affordable if you stretch your budget a little. And if you wanted more a "hotter" pickup,you should go for a Flying V,although I do not know if you are/aren't a fan of V shape.
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That studio is a mile better (more SG sounding) than any Raw Power. Depends what you like but Maple body and neck? That's going to be very bright. Best of all is look around for a standard. You might get a nice deal on a new one (my local shop had one for €750 a while back, or look at used. Better value all round.
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I would personally go with the sg special. I like sg's a ton better than lp's, but it all comes down to a matter of preference.
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I'd go with the SG Special, personally. The Raw Power SG is maple and going to be much brighter.

Anyways, what do you play?
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get the sg faded, great guitars for a great value you cant go wrong. if you buy it youll love it period.
Thanks to everyone who's given their opinion, been a great help. After reading a few comments I've decided to go for a SG standard I've found for an ok price. I was considering a Les Paul but I find the SG more comfortable and also prefer the look. So thanks again to everyone.
im kinda getting fed up with all these variation of prices on the net......pisses me off....just shows the rip off s the so called MUSIC shops wanna do
maybe the price diff is on the pick ups? or the electrics?
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im kinda getting fed up with all these variation of prices on the net......pisses me off....just shows the rip off s the so called MUSIC shops wanna do

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Id save for a Standard SG or just get the faded SG, The Raw Powers look good but will be very different than a standard, Im guessing you are going for the SG because of the classic SG sound?
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I'm hoping to buy an SG Std in the next couple of weeks.

I think aside from sound something you should bear in mind is the fact that some come with a case and others only a gig-bag. It then makes that £150 price difference look very small. Also judging by the used guitar market in the UK the SG Std will hold it's value way better than a Special or Raw Power. In terms of relative value I think it makes it the best of the range. That's even before we look at spec/grade of wood etc.

Though, aren't Gibson in trouble at the moment because the factory flooded. The guy in my shop told me they're selling Gibson Explorers with Epiphone tuning heads on them atm?!
IMHO the Raw Power SG and Les Paul have a horrible twangy tone. I would go with the SG faded I have played enough of both and the faded mahogany SG has a sweet tone and is more versatile than the Raw.
as stated, the raw power is maple and is gonna be brighter. However, it has '57 pickups, which are IMO the best pickups Gibson have on the market right now.
However, I own a Faded special, and I adore it, very comfortable, great looking, I bought it used and the previous owner added covers on the pickups and it makes me happy =)

the only thing I don't like is that it has dot inlays and I'm a big fan of trapezoid inlays I might order some inlay decals for it, but it's just a cosmetic detail, it plays great =)

as for SG vs Les Paul, I never gig with my Les Paul because it's simply too heavy. It's bearable and all, but it really cuts my stage presence a lot because I can't move as freely. It does sound darn good however.