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Anyways, we're hoping to play live in the some-what near future, and our current bass amp is a little 38w combo. :/

What would we need as far as live? I'm guessing we're going to go outside of combo amps and move onto stacks? I'm hoping somebody here has some experience with a well-priced stack that won't get us laughed at or ignored live.
You don't necessarily need a stack, there are combos out there that will serve you perfectly well live. A 38W combo however, is certainly not going to cut it. The general rule of thumb is (depending on your drummer and other instruments in your band) that you'll be looking for 200W+. Keep in mind watts =/= volume, so you can squeak by with less, but its really a case by case basis.

Check out Acoustic, while they're not particularly special amps, they get the job done, are fairly transparent, and most of all, they make the cheapest 200W combos and half-stacks you'll find. Other brands to look at that get high marks around these parts are Peavey and Ashdown, both make great gig-worthy amps and won't break the bank, especially if you look for old used Peavey heads.
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Sweet, thanks. (I'm the one that posted, but I posted it for the owner of the account; I'm her drummer, and teacher as far as bass)

I've heard Acoustic mentioned a lot, so they'll probably be the first one we check into. We may just have to run it through the PA until we can afford an amp (we have our own system, and I doubt any venue would mind us using theirs anyways) that will work. We're not talking anything big, just bars and parties; things of that nature.
How much bass amplifier you'll need depends on a few things. First, what kind of music do you play? If you play metal or hard rock, you'll need something with a lot more headroom and punch than if you play jazz or indie stuff.

Second, how loud is your band? If you are more Blue Cheer than Blue Man Group, then you will need a loud amplifier that doesn't overdrive when you crank it.

Third, what do the other musicians in the band play through? If your guitarist(s) play through a 100-watt Marshall Stack with two 4x12 cabinets, you are going to need some serious low end firepower to keep up.

The usual rule of thumb is that the bassist needs three times whatever the guitarist has, So if the guitarist plays through a 100-watt amplifier, then the bassist needs at least a 300-watt amplifier.

Acoustic delivers a hell of a lot of bang for the buck. If you aren't a metal band or a thunderously loud rock band, then the Acoustic b200 1x15 combo or the B450 2x10 combo would be fine choices. If you are moving a lot more air onstage, then you might want to look at the B600 head and a 4x10 cabinet. And if you are really looking for the classic bass stack, there is always the Acoustic B600 head on top of their 8x10 refrigerator cabinet. So in short, Acoustic has you covered. They also are capable of a lot of great tones.
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If you have a P.A. then you don't need a loud amp, because you can just D.I. it into the mixer and go through the speakers, keeping your amp near you for monitoring.
You need to make sure you have subs in the PA otherwise the bass will be sucked out of the bass... If that makes sense. PA speakers without subs won't cut it
I don't play with a stack, or a combo.

I play DI through a POD X3 Live. I soon hoep to get an Ampeg Classic cab, but and DI will do if you're only just starting off.

However, they should just mic up your combo anyway...