I've been thinking about doing my first build lately, and as I was coming up with ideas I wanted to do a strat with trapezoid inlays. The problem is, I've never seen a strat with trapezoid inlays on the fretboard, only dots or blocks. I've seen some necks like this, bit never a full guitar. Could someone explain to me why this is and maybe find a picture of what I might be looking for? Thanks.

Oh, I was thinking the finish would be a 3 tone sunburst, and I haven't decide on rosewood or maple yet. Maple would have black inlays though.
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Because those are generally associated with Gibson, people want their Stratocasters to be like Fenders, otherwise they would have built LPs or some other guitar where trapezoids are more common.
And uh...Black trapezoids? I say rosewood.
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yeah it just loks kinda off on a strat because no one expects it. trapazoid inlays are a completely cosmetic thing that takes more time and money to put on your guitar. fender is much more of a quick easy and cheap company. thats why you never see fenders with flame maple and binding and extravagant headstock inlays.
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