I need a new guitar and I play mostly metal and alternative.
I need:
EMG or seymour duncans
a FIXED bridge
a fast playable neck
a case or gigbag included
Under £600, but i can stretch if its worth it

I have seen a few so far but I want reccomendations and opinios, as I cant try them out.
they are:
Jackson DK2T
Jackson DKMGT (I also have to decide between EMGs and duncans)
Washburn X50 Pro FE,

as I said, I need more suggestions, I play mostly metal from metallica to bullet for my vallentine to sevenfold to lamb of god, and stuff like foo fighters as well, thanks
Epiphone Sg special <---meh

Peavey Vypyr 30 <---awesome

Go for a guitar with seymour duncans if you want a bit flexability on top of your metal for foo fighters etc. The washburn x50 with seymours i think has the custom custom/59 combination which is probably more favoured then a guitar with the jb to alot of people. The jb is a really like or loath pickup as are emgs actually.
Really? You need to make this thread twice? As I recall, you got plenty of recommendations last time.

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Seeing as sevenfold and LOG use duncans, and seeing metallica and bfmv use emgs, i'd have to say duncans.

Prefer the tones.

The dk2t would be the better outta the jacksons, imo.

Jacksons seem to play nice but they usually have normal setups or uber thrash setups so you cant bend strings with em.

On that basis, i'd chose the washburn.

Looks the nicest, has a feiten setup, and nice grovers.

also it ain't bolt-on.

All nice things to make sure its nice out the box.