What are some songs to practice pinch harmonics?
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Vyse the Legend
Kamelot- March of Mephisto.

Edit: The intro, at least.
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Anything with Zakk Wylde in it.

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A lotta killswitch engage.

Just try and add pinchies to rock leads.

Everyone does it.

Cause its guitargasm-awesomeness.
Welcome home by Coheed and Cambria?
Not a big fan really, but all I know about that song is it pinches all the time.
Dimebag uses them a lot, so Pantera is another option.
Cowboys from hell, there's tonnes more but my head hurts and I don't like thinking.

Also yeah, Zakk Wylde loves em
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Quote by andrewjp123
so how do you play pinch harmonics? Have been playing 2 1/2 years and never learned

You start with making another thread or viewing past threads on them.
Not to brag or anything, but I learned pinch harmonics (or artificial harmonics) my first week of playing guitar. That was like 7 years ago!!!

You bassically pick the string and let the fleshy part of your thumb hit the string right after you hit with the pick.
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as said above, zakk wylde. also there are like a gazillion in the solo to La Grange by ZZ Top.
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