About a month back I was practicing for ~6 hrs a day and I was really in the groove of things, my technical ability was flying higher then Ozzy Osbourne in the 80's. I was learning a bunch of Iron Maiden songs (the trooper, 2 minutes to midnight, powerslave, losfer words, the prisoner) and they seemed to be right at this difficulty level where I could get them down easily and jam them out with my band in a week, while still improving a lot from the effort.

Anyways, I'm at the point where these songs are really boring to play and I'm not sure what to move on to. I really want to move away from the maiden stuff since I don't want to end up playing too much like them. I just can't seem to find anything at the right difficulty level. I tried to learn disposable heroes but I've been going at it for a month now and it's really demotivating me. My fingers just get all tangled up at the last stretch of it. I learned purple haze the other day and that was so easy that it probably wasn't worth the time I spent memorizing it.

Any song suggestions would be greatly appreciated here guys. I just need something that isn't too far out of my reach and will improve my lead chops. Even if you can link me to some lessons that are around the skill level I'm looking for, that would be great too.
Well I'm not too sure what the hell that was. It was cool, but I can't find any tabs for it.
The thing is unless you wanna play speed metal, you will get to a level of playing where most things aren't a problem for you. Once you get to that point, the thing to work on next is technical ability which makes the simpler things sound better such as picking accuracy (not accidentally hitting the wrong strong), improving finger strength (for long trills) and things like that. Another thing to work on is your confidence in your playing which is where playing the Maiden songs and others that dont challenge you will come in handy to the point where you are confident in your playing that you don't have to stare at the fretboard when you're shredding a solo.

Finally, if you still want to be challenged I suggest Rush. At first glance they may appear simple for a guitar player but for someone playing Rush, the biggest challenge is mastering the time signatures and changes in moods. Although some people don't like the singer's voice the songs are so structurally complicated that if you master their early songs from the 70s (Xanada, 2112, La Villa Strangiato etc.) you can play pretty well any song.

Hope this helped I've experienced the same things as you in the past.
Prog Rock and Metal is the direction you want to take. I'd recommend starting with some Rush, Dream Theater, Andromeda, Vanden Plas, Opeth, Nevermore, Ayreon, etc. Dream Theater, Rush and Nevermore are your best bet if you would like tabs for them, as theyre the most popular ones i suggested, but be sure to check the lot out.
Thanks guys, I'm going through 2112 right now and it's a blast. Not too technically hard to play but structurally complex enough to hold my interest and challenge me. Definitely going to be learning a lot of Rush, I just hope that my bassist can keep up! As for Dream theater, I would love to learn some of their stuff but it's still a long way off.