Ok pit, I need some advice. I'm a horrible public speaker, and this year in school we are required to take speech. Our first assignment is to interview out partner for 2 hours and then write a speech on them. My partner is this girl that I've never talked to before, and I suck at talking to women and meeting new people in general. We need to think of 20 open-ended questions to ask them. Any ideas what kind of questions I should ask her, ways to make this thing less awkward than it already is and/or ways to not be so nervous during the speech?
inb4: "So how did you make it out of the kitchen?"
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Is the said girl hot/attractive?

like a 6/10, ive heard that shes nice though so it shouldnt be that bad
Be cool, have a little chat beforehand with her without being so formal and '20 questions' ish, don't ask "Do you do anal?".

And then stick it in her pooper.

edit: For the actual speech part, pretend everyone in the audience is naked. Just try not to laugh while imagining that.
I loved taking public speaking, just ask goofy questions that won't completely embarrass her. Such as the kitchen one.
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"Are you a virgin? If so, are you happy with that, because I have condoms"

That ought to be enough conversation to last 2 hours.

EDIT: Also, you could show her this thread, and talk about that.
i was gonna hijack the thread...but you actually kinda need help. I have a idea. Print out this whole thread, and read the responses to her, and ask her to give her opinion on each of the answers. Seriously. The pit can save you
Not gonna lie, I would be absolutely terrified and freaking out if I were you.

That probably doesn't help though :/
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Did you have sex?


Do you want to?

If she says yes to the first question just skip to the second question right away.
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Use an age-old trick:

"So this is a stupid assignment, so why don't we cut to the chase and I'll tell you 10 interesting things about myself, then you go, and we'll be done with this shit early and go get some coffee!"

She'll not only appreciate you taking the lead and feeding her info for her speech, but she will also appreciate your wanting to get this crap over with so you can cut out early. Both of those combine to form a pretty good message of confidence/indifference about the situation.

Might even get you laid.
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