So i have an ibanez Rg 120. i am trying to replace the pickups on it and i have run into a problem. i am putting a dimarzio crunch lab in for the bridge and a dimarzio liquifire for the neck. i wired everything like the factory pickups were installed but when i plug into an amp i get a hum and the pickups aren't sending a very good signal. i turn the drive all the up and i hardly get any distortion and almost no sustain. i know it has nothing to do with my amp and the cables so i know it must be my wiring job so can someone please tell me what i could do to fix this problem.
head over to the wiring thread (theres a link in my sig, and one in the GB&C resource thread at the top of the page), and we'll help you out over there

include a diagram if you followed one, and info like what kind of control layout you've got