Red Hot Chili Peppers' Green Heaven. Guitar, bass, and vocals all done by me and recorded separately. I know the video quality isnt that good and doesnt always even sync but its there merely to replace what would be a still picture or a blank background so i think it does its purpose.

Let me know what you think of the song C4C

Doesn't quite have the jump of the original, but I almost prefer it in its mellowness. Sounds sort of gloomy.
PRS SE Torero (Drop B)
Schecter Devil (C# Standard)
Peavey Butcher (late 80s, 120 watt)
Traynor 4x12
Earthbound Audio Supercollider fuzz
H&K Warp Factor distortion
yeah i immediately regretted not slapping for the bass line so maybe at some point ill go back and redo that. it would probably add a little spunk. its probably mainly the vocals because i redid them so many times to get them just perfect that i didnt have the same energy after the 9288 take that i did at the beginning. just part of the learning process i guess. next time ill likely sacrifice a couple slip ups for more raw energy