I found my very first guitar, A Squier Strat in a friends closet the other day, I was wondering. With a change of pickups to DiMarzios or something, and maybe replacing the electronics, and neck with a nicer one from warmoth or something.

Could the once shitty squier become a gig-worthy axe? Or not worth the effort?
How many guitar players does it take to change a light bulb?

Twelve. One to change the bulb and eleven to say they could do it better.

one of my main guitars is actually a squier strat, but I've done work to pretty much everything on it (new pickups and electronics, bridge, nut, tuners, paint job, and I levelled the frets.)

it's totally doable, but you need to put a bit of work into it, and if you're replacing the neck I'dsay it's not worth it
Well, I'm going to completely refinish, repaint it. Which means lots of work. I like 24 fret necks though and the squier is 22 I think? It's not with me so i'm not sure.

I'm thinking of black sunburst with deep green edges to create the burst? And then a light wood fretboard with a black headstock to match the body?

And then some DiMarzio Humbuckers.
Did you replace your bridge/tuners? Or are they stock models good?

Edit::Meant to ask where you got the bridge and tuners, my bad
How many guitar players does it take to change a light bulb?

Twelve. One to change the bulb and eleven to say they could do it better.

asuming it plays well, of course. the wood is crap, and so are the electronics. however, electronics are a cheap fix. new pickups, and teh right care and yeah its gig worthy.

i remember all the knobs and switches were garbage on mine.

yeah if your going so far as to put a warmoth neck on it...well your putting whipped cream on a hot dog. if you do....for the love of god take that neck off and put it on the new guitar you buy (if a strat style). dont sell a squier with a warmoth on it. thats a darn shame.
Well, Warmoth is the only respectable part dealer online (according to my friend), where else could you get a sweet 24 fret strat style?
How many guitar players does it take to change a light bulb?

Twelve. One to change the bulb and eleven to say they could do it better.

If your planning on bursting and leaving some grain showing, keep in mind squire isn't going to be the nicest peice of wood to look at.

Instead of replacing the neck, how about refretting it? And +1 for leviman, unless only the fretboard is longer (not the neck) to accomodate 24 frets, it will not work.

I'm guessing you already know this but your going to need stacked humbuckers if your going to do all the pickups humbuckers. If it's only the bridge it may a humbucker may fit with a new/modded pickgaurd.

If your going to refinish it check out tutorials on project-guitar.com and invader jim has one here on UG.

I would replace nut, tuners, and bridge in that order, if you have the dough. Hipshot and Gotoh bridges seem to be the way to go. Sperzel and Grover seem to be the way to go for tuners. Graph tusq nut seems to be the way to go too.
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Well hang on there hot shot. You can't just bolt on a 24 fretter. The bridge will need moving. I'd just hop up the electronics as is and rock it. I've heard the squier necks aren't terrible.

You say that but I'm pretty sure Warmoth makes necks you can do that with, you'd lose the neck pickup or have to move it though.
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You could just get a new pickguard and cut the holes for your pickups yourself, to suit your needs. (you'll probably have to anyway)

That way, you could have an overhanging fretboard if you really wanted, then a humbucker at the bridge position, and whatever you wanted in the neck (i'd reccomend the stacked bucker like someone said earlier).

With doing that, both pickups will be darn close together though. Unless of course you got two stacked buckers, in which case you can spread them out a lot more, which would be the best option in my opinion..

oh, and not to mention you'd be losing the middle pickup (which i always find is useless anyway - just coil tap/split the humbuckers if you DO want a single coil, or a blend of both)
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Just one with a massive overhang? I guess that'd work. But I'd rather have a neck pup than some extra extra high frets.

Methinks those extra two frets would be hard to reach unless the heel was modded too.
It depends. It was worth it to me to modify my Squier Strat but I didn't buy pickups or change the neck, I wound my own pickups and refretted the neck. Refretting, if done right, can make a neck stiffer on cheap guitars which can help the tone. You have to ask yourself if its worth doing.
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If you like the shape of the your squire neck, refretting may be a good answer. Definetly practice on some 5$ broken necks of ebay or something first though.

I think winding pickups is too hard for a beginner. Plus you need tools, and lots of experience until you can get some decent sounding ones (i've heard)
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Well, Warmoth is the only respectable part dealer online (according to my friend)

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