I have a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp, and i just have a quick question. I know if you connect speakers to it you have to make ohms and such, but if i just used the Pre-amp Out and hooked up to a different amp head's line in so i could use the cab, would it still hurt my amp if the ohms doesnt line up?

Basically if i use the line out to another amps line in, will the ohms matter?
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i'm not sure if not matching ohms will hurt.
if it does you could buy a 'hot plate'. it's a really cool unit that will match ohms.

or let your amp cook hot, but keep the volume under control.
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Yes, the ohms must match or be slightly greater on the cab than on the head you're using to power the cabinet. (not the HRD)

i.e. 8 ohms into an 8 ohm or 16 ohm cab.

Just make sure the speaker is still working when you do it, because the HRD will still need a load.
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