ok so i have a brownsvillie newyork guitar ( Bought it for 100 bucks. is that a good price?)anways... i bought me some strings and they guy at guitar center said that this D'addario XL Nickle Wound Regular Light Gauge they sizes r .10/.13/.17/.26/.36/.46 and i put them on with and they sound horriable! i dont know if i put them in wrong or somthing but when i play on the top of the neck like using chords example g, Cadd9,Em. they r muddeterd and get a ringing sound, i have to press really really hard for them to even make a hint of a chord.. Can u help me i would really really apreciate it!
price you paid for guitar, idk, but the strings shouldn't probably sound "muddeterd". what i think may be the problem is that you had 9's and you aren't used to 10's... that shouldn't be the problem cause its not much of a difference.
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does it have a trem system? if so and it was already set low with 9's the 10's could be too much for it
what is a trem system?? it has pickup the another pickup and then this thing where u lay down the strings and on top of that it has these bolts that can be tighten and untightend then the thing where i feed the strings into.
It's really not necessary to bump 2 times in half an hour. We're not slaves indebted to serve you, and sometimes not that many people are on, much less people who can actually help you.

Did you mess with your action at all? Chances are it's too low, or too high.

Would it be possible for you to take and upload pics so we can see what's going on?
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