Hey guys, not in the forums here much but I have a few questions regarding theory.

First off, chords. They're like my mortal enemy of guitar since they're probably the trickiest to fully learn. I'm a good guitarist whos been playing for 3 years and I'm looking into my sweep picking. I can do most all basic sweeps at a reasonable tempo down to 6 string but how do you identify a chord that is not a basic 7th? My guitar teacher (school teacher, I have now graduated) had given me a list of chords but he never had time to explain to me how you name it. He also mentioned you don't play the root note when you make a chord??

In short:

How do you know the name of a chord made from a scale on any fret? Also, how do you make it harmonic/minor?

The second point to this post, I'll keep it short, is scales. I've mashed Aeolian in every key including harmonic and melodic but now I want to understand other scales.
Gosk seems like a great site, but I don't understand the diagrams. If i were to say play position 1 in the key of A, would the first note be F? And how would I know what it can be played with?

If you took the time to read this, thank you in advance
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That's one hell of a question(s). I will say that you definatly play the root in a chord. The naming gets a little wierd for some chords, I don't really get it myself, but if you learn all the open A chords and open E chords all you have to do to play them for any other note is play that same shape as a barre chord and move it up the fret to where ever you want to play it.