strings make a great deal of difference in the sound. it's amazing how much difference, actually. the thickness, but also the brand and type, will make the guitar sound different. i doubt fender makes quality strings for classical, and i also doubt that ball end strings are generally high quality - but i could be wrong.

is your guitar a nylon string classical guitar? if so -

these are good strings

these are good strings

there is more than one tension to each brand and type of nylon strings, btw.

if your guitar is not a nylon string guitar, nylon strings won't fit. they'd be too thick.
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I have a old 12-fret guitar (folk guitar I guess)
I don't know what type of strings it should have
I didn't even know there were nylon strings guitars and steel strings guitars, which one is the best, nylon or steel*?
I know it's personal taste, but I'm a beginner, I'm going to buy a new guitar and I want something that sounds nice and clear, that is easy to play too
I don't even know if the guitar I have has the correct strings (nylon or steel)
though I put nylon and plastic strings on it, I don't think plastic strings are nice (even if they are easier to play)
would my guitar sound better if it was all nylon or all steel, no plastic*?
it doesn't matter which strings would sound better - your guitar is made to take one kind of strings or the other. you should only be using the correct kind of strings on it. what kind - brand/model is your guitar? if you don't know, you could post a couple pics.
judging by the clips you posted before, there's no doubt you'll be looking for a steel string guitar.

do know your budget yet?

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I know this, but as I said, I'm planning to buy a new guitar
it's written G-100Y on the inside, I don't know if that helps
I'm not aware of how much guitars cost, but I would not want to spend too much because I'm a beginner and I have to justify the price to my dad ;p
if it costs too much he will tell me that I'm too bad and it does not worth it, which is true actually, but I hope a better guitar will help me to learn faster (the guitar I have at the moment is really old, my aunt gave it to me)
while that's true, having a guitar with poor hardware, badly seated frets and other issues does make it very hard to play, and for a beginner, hard to stay motivated enough to learn.

there aren't a lot of guitars worth buying at this price, but i do have a couple suggestions from ebay.ca

a yamaha jr1. it's smaller than a regular acoustic, but my 6' 7" husband has no problem playing it. changing to high quality strings makes a HUGE difference in the sound quality, and i found martin silk and steels or silk and bronze sound best on my jr1.

i also recommend you check out a jasmine, they're made by takamine or a washburn. neither will be great sounding at this price, but they're decent brands that offer good quality considering the price. i'd probably avoid the other brands in this price range.

best of luck finding your guitar

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90% heart, 10% equipment. you don't need a 5 star guitar to play music.
are jay jr guitars good*?
anyway, I've heard yamaha guitars are good and you can't go wrong with them, but I would really like to have a full sized guitar

I'm not afraid to find the frets too small, but afraid that I would need to adapt if I have to play on someone's else guitar
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$305 - are you in the u.s.? that's a $199.99 guitar virtually everywhere in the states.

anyway, glad you like it - happy playing