So i've planned a little modification to my Gibson Les Paul Studio deluxe which includes schaller strap locks, Sperzel locking tuners, and an Earvana nut and i said to myself, "Why not put pickup covers on?" So I have a couple of questions to ask.

Is it hard to put pickup covers?
Is it better without pickup covers or with?
Will there be feedback with or without pickup covers?
Will there be a dramatic change in sound with pickup covers?
Is it worth it and will the value be decreased? (pickup covers)

Sorry if i'm asking a lot of questions
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Will there be feedback with or without pickup covers?

I think you know the answer to that one. Atleast to half the question.
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I don't have a credible answer, but I would assume no. Pickups pick up (lawl pun) a disturbed magnetic field from the vibrating string to create sound. Since magnets work the same through plastic or metal or whatever material your using, it should probably be the same sound.
You'll need to put a dab of solder on the bottom of the pickup where it meets the cover to connect the two, otherwise it will buzz. But it shouldn't do anything to the tone.
Pickup covers mute the maximum volume output slightly and make the tone a little warmer. It's not much but there does exist a slight difference. As far as installing them, just put a little solder between the pickup and the cover to attach it.

Also good luck on finding pickup covers that fit. I know for a fact the TonePros pickup covers will not fit Gibson pickups correctly. The pole pieces don't line up correctly. Also Gibson pickup covers don't fit all Gibson pickups... it's really irritating. The only thing you can do is buy a set and pray they fit, it's all guesswork

EDIT: I know TonePro's pickup covers do not fit a Gibson 500T or 496R. The pole pieces on a SD '59 line up but the cover is too big for the pickup. I wanted to put a set on my 2003 Gibson Flying V to improve the aesthetics but didn't have any luck finding a set that fitted properly
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